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Wedding rings and jewelry for the bride

Wedding – one of the main events in the life of every person. This day should be remembered for years to come, be the beginning of a new life, a new family. Strives to be the bride of almost every woman, even if it hides behind a skeptical smile, even the heroine of the cult film “Sex and the City” trying to make it a memorable day – the only and original. Continue reading Wedding rings and jewelry for the bride

Wedding customs which you didn’t know!

Wedding customsEvery loving couple dreams of a wedding that will be remembered for a lifetime, which will be different from all the other ceremonies and will be a real celebration of love and happiness. With the wedding connected many traditions, the bride and the groom will have to choose which ones they most prefer. Bride throwing the wedding bouquet and, of course, the exchange of wedding rings  – all the classic items solemn schedule. But there are rituals that not only will surprise guests, but also completely change the way you think about the wedding. Talk? Continue reading Wedding customs which you didn’t know!

Guide on selecting the most suitable and appropriate linen for wedding

Nowadays, weddings are being organized as per themes. The themes help the organizer to arrange the wedding accordingly. In a themed wedding everything would be as per the theme. You will find the food, decoration and the linen as per the theme of the wedding. It is a great feeling to be a part of themed wedding because there are lots of things to learn and increase the knowledge base. The linens that are used in these types of weddings are matched to the theme. Some of the tips on selecting linens for wedding as per theme are tagged below.  Continue reading Guide on selecting the most suitable and appropriate linen for wedding

How to choose perfect engagement ring and wedding ring?

wedding ringAs if it were not enough with all previous pressure upon the request of marriage, the task of choosing and buying the engagement ring is not easy, considering that it is a piece of jewelry that lasts for ever. The wide range of available both in conventional stores and jewelers online engagement rings, makes that choice is complicated, the first decision is whether to opt for a ring combined with future marriage ring, or not. The advantage of combined with double rings engagement rings is both merged to perfection and can be carried in the same finger by the bride-to-be. This type of rings is usually classic and timeless styles. Continue reading How to choose perfect engagement ring and wedding ring?

Stunning Jewelry for brides – 2013

Jewelry for brides To see spectacular on your wedding day there is nothing better than choosing the ideal accessories. So you can be inspired by bridal accessories, here we show the stunning jewelry for brides Rosa Clara 2013. In this collection you’ll find betting very classic, conservative, but built with the best materials to make you look spectacular. Continue reading Stunning Jewelry for brides – 2013

The jewels of the bride: Find your style!

The English courtBoth this season and the next are packed with jewelry: jewelry applied to clothing, accessories and even shoes. The jewels are all hits of the season: headbands with gem-s as big players like Oscar de la Renta-buttons that become jewelry garments and coats-such as Louis Vuitton, dresses that look applications jewels in its entirety-Balmain-close bags jewel in all firms… Continue reading The jewels of the bride: Find your style!

Bracelets for brides

double braceletNeimann Marcus double bracelet with diamonds and silver

Bracelets or Bangles have always been an ideal accessory for brides and for all types of event as it achieves a hint of color or distinctive to our wardrobe. There are many women who use it as an indispensable and that is why I present to all brides some models to see and choose according to your wedding dress. Continue reading Bracelets for brides

Necklaces for Brides

necklaces collection Cymbeline necklaces collection

The choice of our wedding dress can be an arduous task, but once taken, much of the organization of the wedding is already done! Now a perfect girlfriend is not just the right dress: supplements are also very important. Continue reading Necklaces for Brides

Jewels ideal for the bride

Brides Necklace
Diamonds and pearls choker perfect for a strapless dress

What I can use jewelry on my wedding day?. Which is the perfect ring to accompany a wedding ring ? May be another addition to the engagement ring and wedding band?. The answer too many questions asked brides begins responding: “it all depends on your style.” Continue reading Jewels ideal for the bride