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Rings and Tradition

RingsRings appeared for a long time, as is evident from historical documents. In the XI century in ancient India wore rings as a distinctive sign or possessors stigma. Rings attached great importance.

Alexander the Great, handing Predicts king’s ring, thereby wished to see him as his heir. In the early Middle Ages to the rings were treated more lightly. They could be worn by both men and women, and even children. With fashion on the ring includes not only tradition, but also believe.

It is well known but the tradition of wearing a wedding ring finger came from the banks of the Nile. The Egyptians believed that the fourth finger of a particular nerve is associated with the heart. Christianity is the belief of the Church legitimized the ritual. Continue reading

Jewelry Yanes

Jewelry YanesFirms with history, have a charm that can not be imitated. That’s what happens with Jewelry Yanes, who has worked all the way from 1881 in Madrid. But perhaps more valuable than that is the point of being a family business that has managed to survive for over five generations. Contrary to what many believe, a family business faces significant challenges when moving generations. More often than younger people do not put so much effort and creativity as the first generation and examples abound of us very famous companies that have closed. Is not the case Yanes. Continue reading

Jewelry India, Costume Jewelry, silver, gold and diamond jewelery

white gold jeweleryCostume jewelry in this store customer can get all kinds of costume jewelry items for weddings and other occasions and also at affordable prices. Continue reading

White Topaz – a brilliant choice to diamond

brilliant choice to diamondNot all that glitters is not gold and diamonds have to be to look splendid in a special day. When we think of buying any piece of jewelry the first thing that comes to mind is the diamond gems, but if we are very demanding in size only to us to be disappointed. However there are many options to get us brilliant diamond mind, looking good with all clothing and spending much less money. Among these is the white Topaz. Continue reading

India jewelry, costume jewelry, silver, gold and diamond jewelry

Indian jewelryCostume jewelry in this store customer can get all kinds of costume jewelry items for weddings and other occasions and also at affordable prices. Continue reading

Heart of Gold

Gold Heart Life gives us many opportunities to practice what they learned at home, the teacher said the school, which we heard from the more experienced or just what the heart tells us. This opportunity we have for you a Christmas Carol. Continue reading

The gold, jewelry of Gastronomy

goldI remember one of the foods used to be the finest caviar, served in fancy restaurants and special events in certain families. However, I see that everything changes quickly and the food continues to evolve to support their exquisite rich ingredients, to put it in a way, like gold and silver. Caviar maintains its position, but eating precious metals has a better connotation this simple fact. Thus we see a trend with gold, jewelry Gastronomy. Continue reading