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Calvin Klein bet for gold

Calvin Klein bet for goldThe new collection of jewelry from Calvin Klein , ck christened born, evokes gold, nothing else is the sensuality of a metal shine, shiny, yellow, malleable and ductile metal and irreproducible finite, irredentist to alchemy classic that never gets old or, better yet, he always is. View full article »

Watches Another special clock is now available from November 2011. Manufactured by Tag Heuer, is a feminine watch by motorists careers lovers … and luxury. It is the new special edition collection pavé formula 1 lady steel & ceramics. View full article »

Types of rings

Ring – jewelry for the fingers in the shape of the hoop, known since ancient times. The legend about the origin of the ring reads: after Prometheus was chained to a rock for helping people, he began to wear the ring as part of the bonds, as a symbol of memory. And people give the ring as a symbol of an invisible chain linking them. The ring consists of the rim (booths) with the top (custom and insert) or without it. The rings are divided into simple and complex. To apply a simple View full article »

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