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sizes of diamondsIn two previous posts we’ve seen some of the main sizes of diamonds. Importantly, a good size depends on the quality of a diamond, as the size gets out the best of the stone and hides the odd imperfection. The different sizes are more suitable for one or other final piece of jewelry.

The bulb size is all easily recognized by its teardrop View full article »

The Different Sizes Of Diamonds (II)

diamonds In a previous post we saw some of the most popular sizes of diamonds. Work that does the carving makes the final result. A poor display can completely ruin a good diamond. The same in reverse, a diamond is not as good, with the right size, can achieve a very satisfactory outcome.

The size oval has 56 facets and is very similar to View full article »

The Different Sizes Of Diamonds (I)

precious stonesThe diamonds need to spend a lot of work to be a stone not as attractive to the beauty that paid a lot of money. Part of this work is the height, which gives it a special form, which in turn highlights the brightness. Here are some of the most popular sizes and their main characteristics.

The Princess is a class size at this point is used a lot. View full article »

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