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Valentine’s Day to everyone: Ideas to share with a partner

Valentine's Day jewellerySince Valentine’s Day has become commoditized, the market has diversified. Economic options are as exotic and luxurious. Here are some suggestions. Continue reading Valentine’s Day to everyone: Ideas to share with a partner

Platinum reaches fever

Platinum JewelleryGold has starred in 2009 the main international markets but according to some experts, the 2010 can take quite a role other precious metals that can make a big hole in the market. We’re talking about platinum and palladium that have been at their highest in a year and half since the first increased by almost 70% and 130% second. Continue reading Platinum reaches fever

True Blood

Just a good mount yellow gold, white or platinum. Some bright as much. But no more. The red gems no longer need to excel with its reflections of red color in the lush jewels.

But beyond rubies, whose extraction sometimes conflict with respect for human rights and that has required many jewelry firms implement protocols for protecting the interests of the indigenous population, there are other stones that show a wealth nuances that have nothing to fear from the first. Continue reading True Blood

Caring for jewelry made of platinum

platinum jewelry Platinum – resistant metal. Platinum will never wear out, like other precious metals. When scratched gold product loses a piece of metal. Platinum is so strong that only scratch the metal moves, but does not eliminate it. Therefore, platinum requires less maintenance than other metals and worn better.

Platinum, likes any precious metal, in need of care Continue reading Caring for jewelry made of platinum

Unbiased Platinum

Platinum jewelryIn a combination of colors of black and white is still in demand as a jewelry designer and true connoisseurs of fashion jewelry. The fact that the classics – is eternal, its distinct advantage!

However, the unconditional favorite of the season – colored stones. And if your principle – to conform to the latest trends in fashion jewelry, stop your choice Continue reading Unbiased Platinum