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Pearls are simply stunning. They have a classic, elegant, and luxurious quality to them. No other piece of jewellery can give off the same vibe as pearl jewellery does. However, this is only the case if you buy quality pearls. When buying this type of jewellery you need to make sure you do your research and give a lot of consideration to the purchase you make. This all begins with where you actually buy your jewellery from. View full article »

Conservation of Pearls With a little care, your pearls cultivated retain beautiful, bright, generation after generation. Keep the following tips for perfect preservation. With little care, your pearls are kept bright and beautiful, generation after generation. View full article »

How do we get pearls?

pearlsOne of the most prized gems throughout history is natural pearls. Pearls are the product of a reaction of entrenchment of a foreign particle that enters the soft body of molluscs, especially bivalves. This process takes about 10 years. View full article »

Pearl ring designsThe rings are little gems whose use has become popular over time. Since ancient times and the rings were items that could be found in a woman’s jewelry box, and not only so, because the rings are one of the few men wearing jewelry. View full article »

Pendant DesignThe pendants are some of the jewelry that women prefer and, therefore, one of the greatest gifts a lady can do. Gold or silver, with or without gemstones, a variety can slip on your neck. View full article »

Pearls: treasures under the sea

Pearls Nature is composed of unique treasures. From landscapes and unspoiled wilderness until the man gemstones listed. These treasures can be found anywhere, even in the deepest seas. Pearls are one of the most beautiful gifts that have been given to man to make this contribution to his life, beauty and class. View full article »

Wedding EarringsAs a designer of jewelry with diamonds and precious stones I lean in this section on the Wedding Earrings by something very clear, simplicity, since this is the way in which the bride is really the protagonist in your wedding. And while the groom is a participant unquestionable, therefore we can not deny it the largest leadership. View full article »

menswear collectionThe jewels for men are a complicated issue. Generally no problem with things classical, such as a good pair of binoculars or a wedding band. The problem is out of that comfort zone and risking something original and fun look. Perhaps the younger audience is more open to these options, but still much remains to be done to change behaviors. But there are firms who bet more and more in this sector. Tous is the case and its capsule collection created by Galician José Castro. View full article »

white gold jeweleryCostume jewelry in this store customer can get all kinds of costume jewelry items for weddings and other occasions and also at affordable prices. View full article »

Valentine's Day jewellerySince Valentine’s Day has become commoditized, the market has diversified. Economic options are as exotic and luxurious. Here are some suggestions. View full article »

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