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How to distinguish natural pearls from imitation?

jewelleryPearls – a gift of nature, able to fascinate and captivate. But these properties are only real pearls, created without human intervention. Grown pearls are almost as good, but they are too common to be proud of your jewelry collection. In addition, today’s technology is so developed, that you can own jewelry with glass beads, being absolutely sure of their natural origin.

How can identify pearls, which originated from a grain of sand in the clam shell? What is different from the natural cultured pearls? Is there a guarantee that turned into a major jewelry store , you will be relieved of the risk of acquiring a fake? Continue reading

Natural Pearls, Cultured Pearls And Imitation pearls

To learn more about the amazing world of pearls is important to distinguish three types: natural pearls, cultured and imitation.

As discussed in previous articles, pearls are produced as a result of the attack or intrusion of a parasite, sometimes causing injury. The immune system of the mollusk to feel threatened develops a Continue reading