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Shaun Leane from London, admired around the world

Jewellery collections of Shaun LeaneAdmired throughout the world for its modern and romantic jewelry, are an example of contemporary design in jewelry. Shaun Leane began their training at an establishment in the neighborhood jeweler in London, Hatton Garden. Continue reading

Jewelry gateway


Like the costumes, jewelry gateways are more art than commercial items to use.
However, in the same way that the costume designs, the catwalk shows trends and ideas of the greatest creators of the aesthetics of that with which we cover the body, adorn us and makes us all look more beautiful…

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Drawstring Leather Jewelry

modern jewelry

The leather cord can be used variously in the handicraft and modern jewelry.

With leather cords can:

  • Braid
  • Use instead of Chain
  • Cut into pieces of 3cm and engage with metal links to form chains,
  • bracelets, etc..
  • Weave
  • Knot
  • Metal chains interlace
  • Weaving within the links of a chain (bottom)

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Beautiful Filigree Jewelry

jewelryLeblan brand, a partnership between Clare Winfield and Arabel Lebrusan Spanish designer, has only two years on the market, but when you know your parts are going to fall in love.

The firm, which prides it on being socially responsible for various reasons I will explain later, their parts used to make an ancient technique called filigree. Continue reading