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watch for Mother's DayChanel is the brand of luxury and femininity, their clothing collections are considered among the finest in the world. Over the years, Chanel has increased its collections including a range of luxury accessories including jewelry and watches elegant design.

Chanel watches take the baton from the elegance of the French brand. One of the most sophisticated collections is Chanel Premiere watches simple but decidedly designed to become more sophisticated fashion accessory. View full article »

What makes a luxury watch?

luxury watchArrive on Father’s Day and a watch can be a great gift. To purchase a luxury watch should have a large sum of money and know what makes it more special than a conventional one. View full article »

luxury watch brandSurely Patek Philippe is the luxury watch brand that is associated with more ease when talking of the subject. Well maybe Rolex is the first, but for the more traditional or more knowledgeable, Patek Philipp surely whoever wins. It is a story that takes many years in the top of the sector so that it is in vain for his fame. View full article »

Bestiaire Boucheron, the luxury watch

Bestiaire BoucheronCurious this watch model made by one of the bigger name jewelers at this time, Boucheron. Precisely because snakes and other animals placed on the phones. View full article »

The new luxury watch from Dior

luxury watchFinally another incredible luxury watches to our collection.

This is the Dior Christal, with its incredible 190 diamonds on the band, plus 64 diamonds on the dial, and an amazing light effect. View full article »

Prior to customize a luxury watch

customize a luxury watchEverything changes, it is a fact. Among the many things that change, a very important is the new custom to customize everything, whatever it is. Everyone wants to give a personal touch to their objects, which is not bad, but there are some with which they must be made and the reasons abound. These days we have seen some examples that are confusing, so it seems important to clarify how things are. View full article »

Montblanc: Retrospective of 2011 watches

Montblanc special watchMontblanc celebrates 190 years of the first chronograph with a series of elegant watches.

Although best known as maker of the most exquisite of the quill pen, Montblanc watches is manufacturing and selling since the end of the 90′s. In every way, the celebration of 190 anniversary of the first chronograph is curious, since the brand was created in 1906. From the moment that the Montblanc brand watches was proposed to create beautiful, taken as referring to Nicolas Rieussec, the pioneer who invented the first chronograph in 1821. Now if you have more sense anniversary. In any case, 2011 is a very important year for Montblanc, with the launch of several clocks, which we will present the most interesting models. View full article »

Hermes And Its Imposing Clock

Imposing ClockThat precious is the balance between beauty and display. Or rather than, between luxury and ostentation. At that delicate line move high-end brands, almost always hits, so that last time. But even the best companies sometimes are guilty of reckless, and cross that line.

In the case of Hermes, a brand that tends to like a lot View full article »

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