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collection of CartierWhen a brand I find interesting and of course that Cartier is more than interesting, I try to keep up with their collections. If it’s a signature store in our city, go out there every now and is a pleasure that I frequent. If not the case, or not I have time, visit the Web. With Cartier almost always feel the same, by visiting their site is impossible not to be tempted with most of what we see and motives abound. View full article »

Zenana in Madrid

Zenana in MadridZenana is one of the jewelers that come along with more interest in recent years, for every reason. The good news is that now continue his work will not be anything complicated and have opened shop in Madrid, no less than Serrano, as you well deserve, the founder of this jewelry is Robert Zenana, which since 2003 delights us with his art, it is not something else. View full article »

menswear collectionThe jewels for men are a complicated issue. Generally no problem with things classical, such as a good pair of binoculars or a wedding band. The problem is out of that comfort zone and risking something original and fun look. Perhaps the younger audience is more open to these options, but still much remains to be done to change behaviors. But there are firms who bet more and more in this sector. Tous is the case and its capsule collection created by Galician José Castro. View full article »

Diamonds are man’s best friend

Diamond ringAre becoming more frequent auctions of luxury jewelry, made by Christies and Soteby’s. For example, the blue ring of bvlgari diamond is valued at more than 10 million dollars. It’s just not a ring … is a work of art. View full article »

Gucci Chiodo and collection of watches

collection of watchesHow many times have we related to Gucci with good taste and all the glamour of the rich and famous, have indeed been many times, but on this day certainly something that has caught the attention of special form is the subject of watches that belong to the collection Chiodo. View full article »

Montres Perrelet Diamond Flower

Diamond FlowerMontres Perrelet is one of those designers who speaks only in very tight circles where the name of this house of jewelry is known, however if you search the internet you will find very interesting things about the house such as this watch. View full article »

The jewels are complements

Jewellery DesignersAnd these are the issues of fashion. One of the most marked trends in jewelry this summer that is almost, almost with us, is to wear more jewelry with jewelry. But neither is overloaded nor gives a greatly exaggerated. It’s about having a little detail on the bracelet or necklace. Neither more nor less. Or place a lot, or leave the bracelet or keychain very deprived. View full article »

Jewellery Designs.
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