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Making Sure You Buy the Right Sized Ring

While most designer engagement rings can be resized if you don’t quite get it right, this is something you should avoid where possible. Not only could it weaken the ring, but it will also mean she has to be without it for those first few days as a newly engaged woman – the exact same days that she’ll want to be showing her ring off to as many people as possible! Continue reading

Sale Of Gold Heirlooms

HeirloomsFamily Heirlooms In Gold

Are you worried about sale of gold? Many of us have family heirlooms in the precious metal and we usually preserve them for our future generations or as signs of property of our family wealthy. Indeed, even though gold is a great investment, the gold jewelry and decorative items that have existed in a family for generations are seldom considered as an investment unless dire situations arise. Continue reading

Sonata, romantic earring

Sonata When you think of luxury glass and one of the first brands that comes to mind is the famous and exclusive Swarovski. The lenses of his jewels are unique and beauty impossible to find in any other brand, and Swarovski crystals that are unique. Contrary to popular belief, the famous brand jewelry are not just for special occasions wear, pieces of jewelry are perfect for day to day. Continue reading

Aristocratic Beauty of Jewelry with Smoke Topaz

Smoke TopazJewelry with precious stones has always attracted admiration and delights any woman. The splendor of diamonds, sapphires, tenderness, charm emerald – all these can not be indifferent quivering female soul. But among the various jewelry in a special account in both women and men are decorating with smoky topaz. Masters jewelry pays attention to this stone. Since ancient times it was known as an excellent material for all kinds of decorative items. The wide range of colors can be created from smoky topaz always different and incredibly beautiful products. Continue reading

A great idea to buy jewelry with Chalcedony

ChalcedonyAncient Greece at the time reached in the art of mining and processing of precious stones to extraordinary heights. Absolutely all of the Greeks, from the wise philosophers to young damsels, adored stunning gems shine. Jewelry decorated not only the fingers and ears of the ancient Greeks; they faced the walls of the houses and temples nobles. First, all the stones were brought in from other states. Even wars were undertaken more times in order to take possession of spears which were encrusted with gems. Therefore, the opening of chalcedony in Chalcedony was an important event for the Greek people. Continue reading

Bracelets of gold and silver of Paloma Picasso for Tiffany & Co.

bracelets of gold and silveThe world’s most beautiful gardens, those who remain hidden as a secret of nature inspires this delicate collection in gold and silver with diamonds and different textutras tsavorites by jewelry designer Paloma Picasso for the famous New York firm Tiffany & Co. Once again, nature and travel-through Africa, Japan and Morocco, are the source of inspiration for some parts ethereal appearance and available in different sizes designed to be combined together. Continue reading

Hong Kong is one of the best places to buy truly stunning pearl jewellery

Pearls are simply stunning. They have a classic, elegant, and luxurious quality to them. No other piece of jewellery can give off the same vibe as pearl jewellery does. However, this is only the case if you buy quality pearls. When buying this type of jewellery you need to make sure you do your research and give a lot of consideration to the purchase you make. This all begins with where you actually buy your jewellery from. Continue reading

Pandora presents its new collection of jewelry

new collection of jewelryOne of the collections of jewelry most awaited by women around the world has just been presented. With descriptive names “Animal print” , “Gold” and “Black & White” , Pandora , the jewelry brand of Danish origin, has presented its new sets Editorial Collection Spring-Summer 2013 with jewelry inspired by the latest trends fashion and that surely succeed again. They work fine, and very unique taste of today’s woman. Continue reading

Dior designs a necklace inspired by the 60s

Dior designs a necklaceDior , the firm exclusive haute couture , jewelry and perfume part of the group of French LVMH , recently presented an original complement , in the words of the company, will mark a before and after. This is a choker broad, covering virtually the entire neck of the woman, and is inspired by the 60s, like the latest Dior eyewear collections. Continue reading

The Jewellery – The World Changes

World ChangesJewelry enhances the beauty of the human being. Costume jewelry is considered imitation jewelry that ideally suits everyone with any outfit. Continue reading