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Hublot watches and solidarity

Hublot watchesTo celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Foundation Ideas del Sur , which is dedicated to raising funds for children in need, Hublot, the Swiss fine watchmaking, recently unveiled the chronograph designed exclusively for the foundation. In order to help this organization has created the special edition watch called Hublot “Big Bang 44 mm Foundation Ideas del Sur”, where part of the proceeds from the sale of these will go to the foundation. The special edition has 50 numbered watches. Continue reading Hublot watches and solidarity

Hublot and the world’s most expensive watch

expensive watchCompeting for luxury, good taste, design, etc. is one thing. Compete by making it more expensive for something, and in general is another one that I do not like it one bit. Because when the goal is to fill an object of the greatest possible number of expensive components, good taste is often left aside, at least that’s something that we experience brand. Sure maybe the thing does not happen to create something to be sold or bought, but a simple and common advertising strategy. If so, okay, but I do not like. Continue reading Hublot and the world’s most expensive watch

The Hublot watch

It is a fact that the Soccer World Cup captures all the attention. As will be true that we do not talk all the time complain about the weather or the crisis. For a month (hopefully for a month) the attention of everyone in football is fantastic. And the truth is that I too feel the same.

And this huge interest capitalized brands, launching Continue reading The Hublot watch