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The collection of Gucci Tiger Eyes

Gucci Tiger EyesIn fact today we’ll talk only of the collection, small, Gucci jewelry with the theme of tigers, but they have also launched a handbag collection with the same inspiration. It is a matter of taste, but overall the theme of animals I do not like jewelry. Let me look eyes from a bracelet, or worse, in my ring, it seems inelegant. If we add a mouth wide open, much worse. However, despite this, the collection is so impeccable that deserves a special highlight. Continue reading The collection of Gucci Tiger Eyes

Jewelry Gucci Bamboo

Gucci jewelryWho knows what material Bamboo Gucci icon is?

Few people.

Perhaps a reason to return to work this wood, bamboo collection launched this year. A collection of silver jewelry crafted in wood motifs that decorate bamboo, silver earrings, bracelets and rings. Some parts of the collection are gold jewelry. Continue reading Jewelry Gucci Bamboo