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Buy Diamonds within Your Budget

Buy DiamondsWith gloomy economic forecasts for these times, no wonder that shopping habits are evolving accordingly. Consumers who once defined their budget to purchase engagement rings on the principle of “2 monthly salaries” are now impossible to realize that tradition. Today, people want to receive the maximum possible return for their money and jewelry retailers are much more suited to the needs of buyers who have a limited budget. Continue reading Buy Diamonds within Your Budget

Learn to choose the perfect engagement ring

You’ve decided to take the big step and you have even thought about what will be the perfect time and place to propose, but … you are missing the most important. The engagement ring should meet the expectations of the bride and, at times, and although the intentions are good, does not always accompany the budget. Want to know how to discern the unique engagement ring, which sighs your girl? We give you some tips infallible. Continue reading Learn to choose the perfect engagement ring

Piaget Ring Magic Garden

Ring Magic Garden Within the collection of Piaget Magic Garden we have selected the same rings which have a common denominator, the rose. Roses are flowers symbolize love and Piaget has decided to transfer them to their land in the form of jewelry.

Magic Rings Piaget Garden are simply beautiful, we must highlight the brilliance with which its designers Continue reading Piaget Ring Magic Garden

How to select and buy diamonds?

Ability to wear jewelry, in accordance with the etiquette to distinguish a woman from high society from the rich, exposing their wealth for public viewing. Particularly severely treat diamonds. The recommendations of that time wrote: <… ugly when wearing diamonds in the toilet for a walk or house dress, then you can not even use them are often similar to crystals. These fake diamonds must wear these ladies, who in his position may be present and have a toilet and an environment suitable for diamonds>. Continue reading How to select and buy diamonds?