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The jewels of the couple

hair pinsOne way to highlight the wedding dress is properly combine jewelry.

The jewels of the bride are vital, Often Because They convey the character of the rest of the dress and the event itself, and Sometimes That Because They are pieces pass from one generation to another by dialing the familial nature of the wedding itself same. Continue reading The jewels of the couple

Lorenz Bäumer beetles, super original

Lorenz Bäumer beetlesThe theme of innovation and creativity is a very recurrent in this blog. Unfortunately, not always so positive, we must admit. The point is that usually when we talk from here of that creativity, we mean in the vast majority of cases, to aesthetic considerations. Innovative designs or perhaps a mixture of materials that had not been done before. However, today it is a functional innovation, as it somehow. Let’s see what it is. Continue reading Lorenz Bäumer beetles, super original

Trends in jewelry

jewelryOf course there are always trends in jewelry, but it’s pretty obvious that they are much more flexible fashion. The classic always looks good and it is beyond dispute. When we talk about trends, perhaps the clearest to follow are in costume, for a simple question of price. We can buy many bracelets on each season, very large and very ethnic, but jewelry, there are very few that can be adjusted to a strict fashion. Continue reading Trends in jewelry

National Geographic Jewelry Store

Jewelry StoreOne of the programs through which we have known more of what exists around us is National Geographic. In addition to learning the customs of past cultures, we can also meet the current and both times we see the forms of personal adornment. That is, the jewelry they use and that National Geographic Store offers through its portal. Continue reading National Geographic Jewelry Store

Guide to buying diamond jewelry for men

buying diamond jewelryBuying diamond jewelry can seem daunting at first to a man and not many are familiar with diamonds. There are plenty of fine words about the cut, the carat, color and the letters and numbers that represent different degrees. When buying diamond jewelry, there are some key points to keep in mind that will help make the process simpler. Continue reading Guide to buying diamond jewelry for men

Fancy beads recycled old

The old fancy beads, necklaces grandmothers, can be successfully recycled to make new pieces of jewelry.

Reviewing and looking at old jewelry and boxes you can find necklaces, earrings, bracelets and brooches with pearls and fancy old accounts, which will be your working material.

To begin working with pearls and beads old: Continue reading Fancy beads recycled old

How to Select Fashion Jewelry?

Jewelry can help you express your personal style, update your wardrobe last year and give life to a monotonous set. To achieve your goals, being chosen jewelry of the moment or as they say in the fashion business, the “trend” in jewelry. Know what’s in vogue today and see the jewelry worn by celebrities. Continue reading How to Select Fashion Jewelry?

Basic Materials For Jewelry

Beaded jewelry-making need the following basic materials:

Granito, thread, beads or beads. We recommend using granite and glass comb because the result is much better than plastic ones and not much more expensive. Even for children not using them is expensive. Continue reading Basic Materials For Jewelry