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One of 50 for this summer

If there is a brand that always gets hit is one of 50. From its original name, which alludes to the 50 units of each model are made, to the execution of each and every one of its models, one of 50 always boasts an unusual level of creativity. I do not know if it is clear that I’m such a fan and whenever I can I tell you something of what we propose. View full article »

The latest in bangles

bracelets ultimateThe bracelets have always been a perfect accessory to make it look more appealing to our clothing, most women use it as a supplement in order to look better, we can use some larger, some smaller, more colorful, and so on. View full article »

Necklaces For Brides!

Well today the day I decided to talk about what we can get one of the most special days of our lives, and is the day of our wedding! We must remember that this is a day where we have to look spectacular and it all goes together from the dress, shoes, hairstyles, makeup and can never miss the collar we use for this special occasion.

When discussing the collar of the bride, we are not talking about anything and View full article »

Snake Bulgari

The enigmatic reptile becomes the leitmotif of the new signature collection of jewelry. Symbols of sin and lies, but also fertility and wisdom. The snake has always been an animal hated and loved equally, and hence may be born the exact origin of the fascination it provokes. At least he believes the Italian jeweler Bulgari, which has soared to the snake as the centerpiece of inspiration for her new jewelry View full article »

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