What is Rhodium?

precious metalRhodium is a precious metal from the platinum family. The rhodium plating is used especially in jewelry to give an appearance that will resist scratches and stains and a white appearance. The rhodium plating is often found in white gold. White gold is a misnomer. The gold is actually yellow.

What we today call the white gold jewelry is a league (mixture) of gold with a white metal – usually nickel, silver and palladium. Known as white metals are in fact more to a gray color than white, so, the appointed “white gold” has a yellowish hue. The higher the content of the jewel, plus the amount of gold in its formulation, therefore, the more yellow if left. As the person using the jewel like color nearest the target, a thin layer of rhodium plating is used to give luster to the jewel that. White gold rhodium plated also keeps these areas for a period longer – rhodium will not stain or discolor, and being in short, a good hard substance, it is less likely to be scratched.

Sometimes, jewelry and silver plate are also dipped in rhodium. In the case of platinum rhodium is due to be slightly brighter, thus, is used to increase brightness. For silver is a bit different. Silver is brighter than rhodium, but silver is also a much softer metal and can be scratched very easily. Thus, silver jewelry receives a coating of rhodium has a longer shelf life, mostly scratches.

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