The fabulous Boucheron ring

fabulous Boucheron ringThere are rings that have a lot more than it seems at first glance. It so happens that today I will tell you, with the ring you and I of Boucheron. The first idea of this ring was inspired by Charlemagne and the ring he gave to his wife on the wedding day. Charlemagne’s famous tribute to the new bride with a special ring placed in his drink, according to legend, by a snake.

Many years later Boucheron designed a ring inspired by that story, there were two intertwined snakes, which gives the idea of eternal commitment. The interesting thing is that the first ring of Boucheron You and Me was made in 1880. Predictably ring became the emblem of the firm, at least for many. Snakes produce this effect between fascination and fear, which is embellished whether a gem is a sure result.

Now they have released a new version, more than interesting. The heads of both snakes are covered with round diamonds. But most remarkable are the stones but the work done on gold. Artisans of the firm carved with chisels and hammers small scales of snakes. The truth is that it gives a striking realism, but to impress us negatively as might occur with these reptiles. It seems to take a fabulous little finger sculpture rather than a jewel. Of course the price of a ring that requires skilled labor and therefore such material is very, very high.

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