Silver 925Have you ever wondered which the silver is? We’re going to count.

Silver is a chemical element whose symbol is Ag, comes from the Latin Argentum (arg: white or bright).

It is a bright white metal, malleable and ductile, more ductile than gold and less than copper. Other properties of silver are its high reflectivity and high conductivity.

Can be rolled very well. It is used in industry (photographic chemicals, electronics, medical, etc.) and jewelery.

Its boiling point is 2161.85 ° C and melting is 961.78 ° C. This resistance to such high temperatures was the origin of their valuation.

It is very rare in nature. It is mainly found in mines of Peru, Poland and Chile. Being the leading silver producers Mexico and Peru.

At ordinary temperature and pressure will not rust, is easily dissolved in nitric acid and sulfuric acid. Alloys with most metals least iron and cobalt and hardly with nickel.

Sulfides in the atmosphere cause the yellow and silver tends to lose its luster. Today is impregnated with a layer of rhodium or a protective coating to prevent it.

Another presentation is ‘old silver’ or ‘oxidized silver’ that seeks to effect relief darken and highlight the oxide while in the piece.

Silver 925, indicating this number? Now is the purity of metal, with a thousand thousandth the purest form.

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