Bib necklaces fine jewelry for luxury neckline

luxury necklineThey come in all sizes and in fact have always existed in the catalogs of fine jewelry. Currently, there are only modernized and increased in sizes.

To dream of dancing princesses or presentation ceremonies in society, will always be the high jewelery, timeless despite trends. What do you think the Chopard necklace?

As an example of bib necklace, it is better Adler. Strung pearls in three colors to play brilliantly in a privileged neck: a total of 37 pearls on white gold. If you look closely, we can see many small diamonds around the collar, as precious drops. A simple, elegant dress will value it deserves such a gem.

In the catalog of French jewelers Van Cleef & Arpels necklace there are many models of majestic bib dizzy. This is an exquisite delicacy, its arabesques of diamonds mesmerize. The five Napoli necklace pearls are grown and pear shaped, I prefer a classic shape diamond. I prefer round pearls.

This type of collar is perfect for any occasion sophisticated. The advantage for women who are not happy with the skin of your neck is, according to the model, can hide or even cover it: jewelry allied beauty. If you take over a dress, it better be in contrast.

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