engagement ringIn a previous post we talked about the engagement ring, one of the most important jewels in the life of a person, along with the wedding ring. In Zoara offer you the option to design your own ring, which is key to have something truly unique, made and designed in conjunction with our partner. Perhaps many of you will say that it is impossible to do if you are not a professional in the field and it is not. In Zoara will guide you through the steps needed for this design. A key point is to start by choosing the most important of the engagement ring as diamond.

The diamonds are rated according to several variables: cut, clarity, and color and carat weight. These characteristics are what determine the monetary value thereof. When buying a diamond you have to be very informed about this, to make a purchase that is a good investment. It is not necessarily a huge diamond, but it must be good. From my point of view, it may be necessary to save a little more time before to resign by a lower quality stone in a ring that will be for a lifetime. It is essential to have cleared the certification of a diamond.

After having clear all that I think is very important to know something about sizes, and thinking much more specifically in the ring.

All this information, in detail, clear and understandable is in zoara.es and is the first step in the design of the ring.