earrings with oval We would like to speak, of different type faces, and how to get the most out of your time to choose your earrings, here we come!

Oval face: this face, you can allow almost all types of earrings, is very grateful, but we suggest that by remaining become a full round, or buttons or hoops.

Yes I favor far the triangular shaped earrings, but if you do not have a short neck!

Square Face: We encourage earrings with oval and round shapes; you can get some nice rims. On the contrary, we suggest the designs are sharp and large.

Round face earringsRound face: Go for long s outstanding, with sharp detail, even with square shapes. You must keep the slopes; wear the same shape as your face, too accentuated, therefore, do not wear earrings, neither large nor small.

Elongated face earringsElongated face: continuing with the above recommendations, and to balance with your face, the best are round earrings and rings. Do not even get elongated earrings!

diamond face earringsHexagonal or diamond face: If your cheeks are wider than the forehead and chin, you can use all kinds of earrings. We’ll show them.

triangle face earringsInverted triangle faces or heart, you know, what to avoid at all costs, just the designs that have the shape of your face. We recommend these.

In addition, we recommend that if you have short hair, the earrings you are better models are small, button cell, like these:

It is very important to choose the most suitable, the look you’re going to carry at all times, smaller earrings give a more elegant and long, invite us to bring in a party look.

Finally, do not forget your height, when choosing earrings: If you are a small woman, small earrings play in your favor. But if you’re a tall woman bet bigger earrings.

We hope these tips will have been helpful!