red necklaces This trend has been uploaded to the runways, for several years and is as groundbreaking as ever, and is a basic look; it can become something special, if we complement it with this accessory.

In shop, you see several models, like this, made macramé and red coral, a short bib necklace, almost the neck, but as it is adjustable, you can adapt perfectly to your measurements:

NecklacesIt can combine with a basic tee, a white shirt or a summer dress (no matter its length), you choose, looks fantastic job, and has no excess weight, so go very comfortable. We do not recommend you put earrings, could be very heavy, but we recommend a bangle or bracelet in gold, for example, or with multiple colors, red supports many combinations.

Special mention for evening looks with these types of necklaces, we suggest the strapless neckline, it is the one that shines more and of course, only with the collar will not need anything else. You can get a pickup or semi-contained, so you can get the most out of the piece.

Here, we show other necklaces, which are a mixture of bib necklaces, necklaces with maxi-called multi-wire, as they have several rows of balls in different sizes:

These last two pieces are very flattering, with basic clothes, especially white, like a shirt, wide open, to wear the collar (in looks during the day) and a “black dress” very easy for a look at night, being star accessory, of course.

One last tip, these necklaces are very versatile, and can combine with many items, can be more or less bold or classic, test, test and test, and what you look favored put it, sure hit, there is only to follow some rules and let your imagination.