Links of London and its fight against counterfeiting

Links of LondonForgery and counterfeiting is not the same thing. For example, fashion is something that happens all the time. A good and expensive signature parade makes its season and shortly after shops low cost, has cloning of several of these models. The differences are only subtle, so seeing them look alike. The point is that whoever buys it is clear you are purchasing, pay really little and did not think … Versace is known to purchase low cost in a store. But counterfeit is something else and is really serious.

When something is to falsify pass it off as authentic. Let the buyer is deceived in his good faith. Pay as real, but it is not. This problem as been suffering one of the favorite jewelry of Kate Middleton, Links of London. To give just one example, when Kate Middleton became engaged to William, wore earrings signature Hope “White Topaz,” which caused an immediate impact.

Not long after they could shop online, but in many cases false web sites that posed as the true signature. For this reason the brand has lost this year an estimated 8.2 million pounds. Counterfeiters are mostly in Asia and have 20% lower costs.

The problem has taken an incredible amount. They managed to close up fake Web sites now 1026. If I am mistaken, the figure is that.

We must beware when buying online, especially such articles.

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