Fabulous Dior necklace

Fabulous Dior necklaceOf course, each Dior collection offers a series of surprises always welcome. This time, in his autumn winter collection, there are several that take our breath away, but there is a necklace that is simply unforgettable beauty for many reasons.

This is the collar-tie “Mise en Dior”. No less than 140 cm of beauty. They are an endless series of pearly beads, whose end is a kind of bun, hyper elegant.

In it, obviously the classic CD, locate in the center of loops gross-grain bows and velvet. Bow out of a small fringe of accounts also pearly, but obviously short.

This necklace is worn as a necktie woman. Have to tie it with grace and nothing else. On a black dress, I think our best to complete a very French look that will undoubtedly make waves.

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