Faberge ZenaidaThere are companies that have a piece or feature, or detail in almost all of them, a way of working gemstones, whatever, but often there is this brand that defines the brand, despite the redundancy. If there is one that has a classic piece that defines it very well, are Faberge and his amazing creative work with eggs. They come in many varieties of colors and sizes, but are the most classic of classics.

Zenaida is an excellent example of something very creative and full of detail. You could say that is a medallion, which has made diamonds or rubies and gold is white. While all this is true, in this case the first thing you should say is that it is a small work of art, because it just is.

The design is inspired is the most classic patterns of the fabrics of Uzbekistan. To resemble as possible to reality have used different colored stones (diamonds and rubies) but above all different sizes.

Is a series of small domes that increase in size from base to top. Each is surrounded by pavé diamonds on white gold crimped all, which of course almost unseen. In the center of these figures are rubies, also of different sizes. Between each of the figures also alternate stones.

The length of the piece is about 3 cm. and can be opened. Inside is supposed to keep a small and almost magical key, but that’s up to each owner.