Engagement Ring The minimalist look is in fashion this summer, so brides who are about to get married in these hot months, consider an engagement ring in a minimalist style.

What makes a diamond engagement ring minimalist in itself? Well, for starters left side stones outside. We are talking about an engagement ring mount 100% solo, no extra frills. The minimalist look begins and ends with clean lines and simple overall design.

The engagement ring diamond typically has minimal central protagonist of the piece, instead of frames that include work in the metal complex, two-tone geometric designs or unique side stones.

Styles of engagement rings minimalist:

The Mount crimped

The mount has a crimped look very modern and very clean. Because this type of mount the diamond is literally surrounded on its circumference, does a good job in highlighting the diamond as the centerpiece of the jewel. Other varieties of this type of frame are, for example, half the bevel, the bevel scolded half and three quarters bevel.

The Mount stressed

Stressed mount rings are also known for its contemporary style and elegant. The beauty of a horse is stressed that the diamond appears as if floating, magically suspended above the finger. The diamond is held between the two ends of the ring and secured by a spring. This mount allows the light to reach the diamond from all directions, accentuating the brilliance of the stone.

The Central Stone Princess Cut

A princess cut center stone, with sharp angles and bright, you can add a modern feel to any engagement ring. In order to enhance the unique angles distinguish the princess cut, consider V-shaped staples which are known to accentuate the fact these straight lines. The princess cut diamond center not only provides a modern look, but is itself a modern invention that was developed in the 70′s.

The Mount Tiffany Six Staples

Six staples may be too, but still keeps the look simple and neat. Moreover, this mount has become a traditional classic, a standard engagement ring, an icon if you want the whole institution of marriage. It is rather legendary, having been developed in the late nineteenth century and survived until today as one of the most popular engagement rings in the world.