Queen Elizabeth IIIt celebrates the diamond jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II or whatever it is the same as the commemoration of 60 years at the throne.

She became queen on a whim of fate: The abdication of his uncle, Edward VIII to Wallis Simpson for love, an American divorcee. It was the great scandal of the time and gave a twist to the story of the British monarchy.

When I look at pictures of his coronation impresses me his youth, he was 25! But mostly I called attention to its regal, majestic and conveys the great serenity!

In the picture holds all the emblems of his power and royalty:

The Imperial State Crown

The crown jewel of the British monarchy! Is kept in the Tower of London. It consists of 2,868 diamonds, 273 pearls, 17 sapphires, 11 emeralds and 5 rubies.

It is a circle with eight flowers decorated with a cross kick (arms are narrowed to reach the center and widen at the ends) and lily which alternate and are decorated with precious stones. In the cross-shaped finials are supported crowns four converging at the top of the crown, topped with an orb on which is situated cross kick and another inside a velvet cape. In the center of the rosette-shaped cross on the front, wearing a ruby from a Virgin of the Monastery of Santa Maria la Real de Nájera. Under the ruby is a diamond, the Cullinan II, also called the Lesser Star of Africa, 317.40 carats. In the center of the cross of diamonds on the dial of the world, including diamond, sapphire is placed St. Edward.

They say a proactive Elizabeth II spent weeks walking with her through the halls of the palace to get used to its weight!

The Scepter of the Cross

Crowned by the diamond Cullinan I, also known as the Great Star of Africa, of 536 carats is the largest cut diamond in the world! The scepter in his right hand represents the monarch’s power, justice, equity, and mercy.

The Sphere of the Sovereign

As you can see in his left hand holds. It is a hollow ball of gold is adorned with bands of precious stones that decorate its Ecuador and its meridian. It is topped with a cross of jewelry that symbolizes the monarch’s role as defender of the faith.

The Ring of the Coronation

In the center is a huge ruby sapphire with five representing the cross of St. George surrounded by large diamonds. Symbolizes the royal dignity and is always used in the right hand.

I tell you that apparently the wrong measures and the Archbishop of Canterbury had to make a big effort to enter the ring on the finger of Queen … Poor thing! What nerves must pass!

The gold bracelets

Made with thin gold band and a clasp engraved with the Tudor rose. Represent the sincerity and wisdom. They were a gift from the governments of the Commonwealth Elizabeth II on the occasion of his coronation.

necklace and earringsI also show you the spectacular necklace and earrings he chose for his coronation in Westminster Abbey on June 2, 1953. The necklace consists of 25 large diamonds of hanging another impressive 22-carat diamond teardrop. Magnificent!

Fabulous jewels for a sovereign that is poised to overtake Queen Victoria and go down in history as the monarch who has spent more years on the throne … Before this I can only add: God Save the Queen!

What are jewels worthy of a queen? Tell me what you think!