The colors in jewelery, trends 2012

colors in jeweleryIn this post I’ll show some of the colors that will be trend this spring / summer 2012.

These colors are not random; there are companies that engage in these activities. There are large research studies, both sociological and research of our culture and customs, to form the color palette that will guide the designs and collections, many jewelry companies and jewelry.

We, in our assortment , we wanted to combine two trends: the jewelry business and quality, governed to its collections, in the pure color trends and designs crafts and author, who made a few pieces of jewelry and jewelry, also inspired by trends, but without losing his personal style and sometimes timeless.

The green and mauve, with a starring role this spring / summer. Countless vivid colors in thin bracelet with charms in gold mate. Details floral bracelets, rings Byzantine type and / or Baroque, well … an explosion of color, which is spring.

I hope you enjoy this first installment of color, we show a small collage, along with some of our pieces.

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