How to wear jewelry maxi

jewelry maxiIn recent years, have been using a lot of jewelry and oversized jewelry. The truth is that they are fantastic but you have to show them off so as not to overburden a style. A key point is not only combine with each other, but with clothing and other accessories. The idea is to wear a complete look and not the sum of things we like separately. Let us look some tips that do not fail.

Let’s start with something that will be used much in the next season. The huge bracelets of all colors and materials are used together. Of course we must be discerning, because not everything goes with anything. If a forearm took many bracelets, as it is used, not a good idea to use that hand just a maxi ring. Best in the opposite hand and is much more balanced.

If we are to wear very long earrings and flashy in any way we can also use a choker type necklace with short striking elements. First of all is not well and on the other hand, gesturing and moving the head both jewelry can be caught each other, something very unpleasant.

If we have a string of these important good, thick and with so many pieces of the same width is very important, because using that neckline that we like. Obviously, this cleavage must be according to our age and fitness, but this necklace is for that cleavage.

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