perfume becomes jewelThe jewelry is inserted into the fascinating world of scents and perfume becomes historical because of the mark GUERLAIN French. Sensitivity subtle aroma and beauty of diamonds makes this unique product generates an explosion of emotions. This is the story of a jewel dress perfume or jewelry that contains an extraordinary perfume.

In 1828, Pierre-François-Pascal-Guerlain, founder of the firm Guerlain created the “Eau de Cologne Imperial” for the Empress Eugenie, wife of Napoleon III, becoming the official perfumer to Her Majesty. The sixty-nine bees carved on the jar containing this fragrance was the symbol of empire, and since then, a sign of identity of the spirit of Guerlain. Thus was born the great French perfume house.

perfume becomes jewelPaying tribute to “The Bee”, Thierry Wasser (Guerlain perfumer since 2008), carried out a challenge: a bottle bee shaped jewel made of rock crystal, platinum and white diamonds. A work of art, which holds within it a flavor, but is unique, moreover, that in turn becomes a beautiful brooch or a pendant with chain.

The bee comes alive with the movement of their wings that open to the press of a pear-cut diamond up to his neck and so expands the perfume kept inside. Fascinating, no?

This technical feat required the expertise of a master watchmaker who designed the mechanism inside the piece, the jeweler who has carved rock crystal set in the bee and the 14 carats of diamonds and the perfumer who created the scent. A total of 500 hours of work with the full coordination of this exceptional trio to create a simple and admirable piece at a time.

This fragrance-jewel is only done on request.