Design your own jewelry

Design your own jewelryThe process of acquiring jewelry today is very practical and very limited time. With multiple vendors in series you just have to go to a shop selling jewelry and select the one you like or at least the most attractive of all that is available. However you could stay with the anxiety of not having found exactly what I wanted to use. Know that with a simple design, made by yourself, you can look some true works of art in jewelry imposing his own style. Here are a few ideas to accomplish.

A real gem starts with a pencil and paper

You can start making a sketch on a sheet of paper. First define which part needs to be designed. This may be a ring, a pendant, a pair of earrings, a necklace or even a bracelet. Everything is within reach of the imagination. Now you need a little inspiration and a reason to give that distant light to reach your goal. This can be a nature motif inspired by plant and an ear of wheat or clover, or you can use to wildlife: as the footprints of a cat or a hare wild tenderness. But we can be more energetic. Think for example of the bravery of the sea, the intensity of the fire or the wind blowing constantly.

Once you have in mind to design the piece and the subject, just let yourself go. Think simple, straight lines and parallel curves is sufficient to represent for example, the strong wind. Now, every attempt is not always translate our ideas lead to a happy ending on the first try. If you get something attractive, discard and start again.

A recommendation to start is to work with black and white photographs, the more practice you can use color figures.

Jewelry design a reality

It is very difficult for a renowned jewelry jewel we develop a design based on their own. But in such cases we have to resort to a jewelry artisan. It is very difficult to find any, and the cost would be very expensive. Them from his sketch on paper may suggest that materials can be used and stones, if you’ve thought of it may be possible to refine the piece of jewelry.

Using different techniques such as enameling, not only may have the colors they offer silver, gold and gemstones. The jeweler will suggest options which go to create a true work of art that no one after you will have the privilege of using.

A clear example of this idea can be found on the website of “Totally Out of Hand “from drawings that children get to do real gems that will last forever.

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