JewelryKnowing how to care for your pearl jewelry is much more important than even purchased or received as a gift. The pearl jewelry has a unique beauty associated with nature. Unlike gold, silver or other metal, for a pearl is it necessary for certain species of marine mollusks he has done since time immemorial are highly valued by both men and women.

Types of pearls

There are those that occur naturally, called natural pearls, which requires human intervention, called cultured pearls. Obviously the former are more expensive and rare to obtain. While cultured pearls have been widely available for making jewelry and all forms are combined with precious metals and diamonds.

Care of Pearls

Whether natural or cultured pearls both deserve the same care to keep them clean and shiny for many years or a lifetime.

One of the ways to care for them is using them. The body oil helps keep them bright. On the other hand is well away from any chemical products beginning with the cosmetics that are used daily.

A good habit is to be the last items that you to complete your outfit. And while the first is removed after a gala night.

Keep them separate from other jewelry to avoid scratches, do it, after cleaning with a soft cloth. Do not store tightly as they need to be in contact with some moisture.

They can be washed regularly, do so only with soap and a soft cloth, rinse with water and dry with another cloth wrapping fine cotton.

When it comes to a necklace, bracelet or other piece of pearl should thread it every couple of years of use. You can take it wherever you bought it or to a trusted jeweler for replacement of the wire and clean the pearls.

Remember that pearls are organic gems, and that they can be kept for an indefinite period will depend on the proper care you give them.