career watchesTAG Heuer began its history in the small Swiss village of Saint-Imier, where, in 1860, a watchmaker named Edouard Heuer opened his first watch.

Edouard Heuer fame soon turned their clocks accurately. His watch grew into a factory, and began a long list of technological achievements: the first stopwatch accurate to 1 / 100 of a second, the first stopwatch for race cars, the first electronic timer with an accuracy of 1/1.000 of a second and the first automatic movement with micro-rotor …. to quote the most important.

Tag Heuer maintains a close relationship with the world of sport and its logo appears in the most renowned sporting events including the Olympics, the Ski World Cup and the FIA Formula 1 World Championship. Tag Heuer has maintained the last decades as a benchmark for special watches for luxury, a highly prized and coveted watches.

One of the most famous collections of Tag Heuer is the collection “Race”, created in tribute to the legendary Carrera Pan-American Mexico. Collection of clocks career started in 1964. It’s hard to imagine a Tag Heuer watch without thinking of the model run. It was the focus of the company until 1985, which stopped production, and it was not until 1996 that the Tag Heuer Carrera model went into production. Carrera collection currently has more than 40 models, with boxes of 39 to 43 mm, equipped with automatic movements, or quartz.

It is a watch connoisseur; the most interesting models are equipped with automatic mechanisms. Although having a clock that does not depend on a battery to function has its advantage in certain conditions, is it that these clocks are not accurate clocks.

A good timer will have a change of 1 or 2 seconds a day, maybe even 1 minute week. It recharged by the movements of the wrist. Although in January 2011, TAG Heuer launched the Carrera Mikrograph, an extraordinary motion of Tag Heuer accurate to 1 / 100 second.
Price: watches are worth about 2,500 Euros to 5,000 Euros:

The Carrera collection is appreciated for this reason: high quality watches at affordable prices.

The price paid is determined by the originality of the piece, it must be purchased at Tag Heuer Official Stores, the only guarantee validated to see if your Tag Heuer watch is genuine. Internet is very common in Tag Heuer watches cheap, and it happens that the watch is fake. Or that carries fake parts. The case and bracelet can be authentic and perfect visual look, but carry a false move. Or take an original movement but repaired. There is a reason why these special watches with these prices, caliber, or watch movement, are very expensive to produce.

Typically, buying a watch in a shop not authorized Tag Heuer causes can not certify that the watch is genuine and not tampered with, so it may not have the factory warranty of the house.

The Carrera Mikrograph.

career watchesIt is the Ferrari of watches Tag Heuer career. This clock is the style race, in particular the soft lines of the box. As the first watch a series that promises success, is a very classic watch lines without further exercises in style. Clock is a simple design.

If the design is restrained, the clock is great. To accommodate as mechanics, pink gold case measures 43 mm and is quite high. In every way, and Carrera Mikrograph l occurs only 50 copies a year, the price is 50,000 Euros, just to mention because they are complicated to obtain.

TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre 1887.

Tag Heuer Carrera watches 1887 is a series of clocks of the most interesting career. They ride the caliber 1887.

Auto mechanics (base plate, oscillating weight and bridges) are manufactured in a workshop of Tag Heuer in Cornol (Jura), equipped with robots capable of milling steel with a precision of one micron.

This plant also has the first ever Swiss robot can automatically select and crimping Ruby 39 Carrera Calibre 1887 movement. This technological advancement allows us to offer an automatic movement of extraordinary quality at an affordable price.

The caliber 1887 is one of the most recent automatic movements of the market (most automatic movements dating from the decades of the 70 or 80).

Developed in the 2,000 for Tag Heuer, I need a collaboration of 20 other Swiss companies to design this mechanical component.

The caliber 1887 vibrates at 28,800 alternations / hour, has 39 jewels and 320 components, with a power reserve of 50 hours. This is a solid and reliable mechanics.

Carrera Calibre 1887 watches are distinguished from one year to another by minor changes in the aesthetics of the watch, and few models are available every year. You can choose the type of mail (metal or leather), or a change in design, as special models with carbon.

2011 Models Carrera Calibre 1887 watch wears a crown smooth, without the many that are 2010 models.

Cal Race 1887. Model 2010

career watchescareer watchesPrices vary according to race caliber model 1887 between 3,500 and 4,000 Euros.

Special editions of the Tag Heuer Carrera.

career watchesTAG Heuer launched the Carrera timely special editions are limited in time, or by geographical area, taking the world of F1 career as an inspiration.

In early 2011, came a series of watches with the colors associated with the helmets of the most important drivers of Formula 1. The red model is called the Ring Master Race Alain Prost, in homage to Alain Prost. Limited edition of 350 copies.

There are two more versions of this series Carrera Ring Master:

A blue, in honor of Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton the other yellow.