colorful collection limelightThe Limelight Cocktail ring collection is simply spectacular. Whether I will introduce several of these rings in detail, because I find particularly interesting design style and combination of materials. If we have to describe in one word I would say the collection is especially colorful. Here are some pieces.

The color is given by the fruit cocktail. One of the most interesting is a watermelon tourmaline and emeralds. The watermelon seeds are black onyx. All this on 18 k. yellow gold fun and happy not to exceed one bit.

The most talked about is the ring safely Paradise Sex on the Beach and motives abound. It has a pink tourmaline and peridot carved (the latter is the way the slice of lemon cocktail). Of course the more you have highlighted the more than 200 brilliant-cut diamonds framing the entire ring.

Of course, combining as colorful rings is something that deserves some care.