Green Gemstone  Emeralds are a gemstone green. Natural Emeralds usually have embedded particles, this feature is an element that helps to differentiate the synthetic emeralds. Emerald is a gemstone that naturally leads to cracking, is a fragile stone, joins a fall on hard surface can destroy it. The ruby is more resistant, like the diamond.

The four precious stones:

  • Ruby
  • Sapphire
  • Emerald
  • Diamond

What are the most valuable emeralds?

Emeralds are more valuable a perfect emerald green, a good size (over 5 carats), perfectly carved and translucent enough.

Summary of emeralds for quality and value:

0.60 carat Emerald of Colombia. The Emerald is great, but it has great value, because the color is pale green, inlaid seen but it’s not that creates the most value. Its size is not good, is not symmetrical. An emerald and not worth more than 60 Euros. Emerald is a very low quality and value.

0.25 carat Emerald Colombia: The emerald green has a nice, albeit a little clearer. It reflects light well; it shows the emerald deposits but remains transparent. Its size is good, pear. An emerald and worth about $ 100. Emerald is an average quality.

0.80 carat Emerald of Colombia. Very similar to the previous stone as above, its larger size allows for a proper octagonal emerald. Its size justifies a value of 300 Euros.
Emerald is a medium / high quality.

13-carat emerald from Colombia. Very similar to the above in terms of quality, but with a green cast that approaches perfection. Its size justifies a price of 60,000 Euros. Emerald is a good quality and value.

5 Things to Know before Buying an emerald.


Color affects the price,

is the most important element when evaluating an emerald.

The perfect color is emerald green, bright green, intense, different from the rest of the other gemstones. It is the color most wanted emerald green.

The stones in this color are the most precious, even small emeralds are listed.

An emerald too yellow. It’s common in emeralds, but the tone will remove a substantial value to the emerald.

An emerald too light. In addition, the color is not right, shooting blue.
Although clarity is valued in other gemstones, including diamond, a light tone detracts from the emerald.


Size strongly influences the price of good emeralds, emeralds little low / medium quality.

Emeralds of good quality and size are rare. From 10 carats are considered extremely rare. An emerald of good quality, including 0.5 carat, worth money. In the business of emeralds, is used to catalog the carat stones. A more size, more expensive, but this price increase is exponential. A good 1 carat emerald can cost 200 Euros, a 3-carat, 8,000 Euros, and not a simple multiplication.


The process does not affect the oil price.

Almost all the medium-quality emeralds / good are immersed in a bath of resin or oil, cover the micro cracks, common to this gem This treatment does not lose value emerald, emerald loses this one treatment (the such prolonged contact with alcohol or other substance) can be easily repaired slip back into the product.


A bad size destroys the value of the stone.

Wrong size, as this makes losing the value of the stone in half. Mesh size is observed by the lack of symmetry and form irregular


Do not confuse natural with an emerald artificial

Synthetic emeralds, also called artificial emeralds, emerald and emerald Chatham lab have the same chemical composition as natural emerald. They are identical in composition except that one was created over millions of years in rocks, and the other in a factory. The value of an artificial emerald from 1 to 20, compared with a natural emerald.

They are recognized by not having inlays are translucent.