Montres Perrelet Diamond Flower

Diamond FlowerMontres Perrelet is one of those designers who speaks only in very tight circles where the name of this house of jewelry is known, however if you search the internet you will find very interesting things about the house such as this watch.

The Diamond Flower is a watch made of white gold to your main case, leather strap, stainless steel and diamonds as well as inside the box that are adorning the Lotus flower that hides inside of it and which can measure the daylight hours, but if yours is the yellow gold do not worry they also have in such material.

Undoubtedly, this is one of those beautiful pieces of jewelry that will over time collectibles in one or another private registration.

And if you wonder why the price of this gem, I will say that obviously is not available to the general public and apparently only done on request of a very close group of acquaintances of the house, which from now tells us that not at all economical or accessible.

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