Moon earrings collection by Lagos

The pearls are the oldest gems known to man and one of the most beautiful for its perfect spherical shape and Pearle scent spellbound. It is also one of the favorite jewelry for weddings and engagement jewelry because of its purity and meaning of loyalty, no matter the color of it, they can be in black, pink, yellow, blue and gray in addition to the classic white.

If you are the type who likes this classic gem, for sure you will like wearing those proposed by the Moon Lake Collection, which combines the soft glow of pearls with the brilliance of gold and antique silver in a very delicate finish that combines with the vintage look of the fashion trend.

Wearing a pearl necklace with gold accents and silver can be easier with this pair of earrings with gold pin and safe pressure. The model features white pearls and gold applications at the base of the sphere, which gives a Greek touch to the model. If your necklace is choker type this will be one of your basic accessories.

Girls who do not like to wear collars can opt for this pair of earrings made on the design with applications golden caviar and pearl white. This is a design that blends well with casual clothes stylish but not too formal and business suits or casual looks for a stroll.

If the golden glow is not to your liking, you can wear these earrings of flowers with pearl center and hung semi spheres of caviar, his casual finish lets you take both summer sandals, blouses, tops and dresses gauze not or cocktail party.

The last of the slopes is this model with a white pearl as a support and a kind of diamond produced in silver threads. With this pair can fix you quickly change your look casual and formal, especially when wearing casual clothes. They are fairly large but simple and very elegant.

Finally, we have these outstanding long, ideal for an elegant party for the amount of beads and carrying antique design. You can wear cocktail dresses this model with long, in prints, matte or whole-tone combinations of black and white. Also, take your look keeps taking charge chokers or necklaces can accompany your look with a bracelet with pearls and silver.

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