Jewelry own energy


The jewels seem self-powered outputs of a science fiction film, but a new world of design is born with each new technology appears, adjust to time can give you the opportunity to be first with an original idea, or imposing a new product on the market …

Hand in hand with environmental designer necklace Mae Yokoyama born modern, bright and self-called Flux, which consists of beautiful, thin, light and reflective solar panels that collect energy during the day solar light to fill the LEDs making up the chain that sustains them, lit at night.

The size of the battery where energy is stored in this modern piece of jewelry is not, so we estimate that is small and comfortable.

It looks like a jewel catwalk great and innovative design, which can break off other smaller designs and usable with the same technology.

So far we have backpacks with solar panels capable of charging the phone, bicycles with solar panels to power a motor in difficult terrain or when you get tired of pedaling, and even bottles that are filled with light to illuminate the night, armed with small solar panels , almost magical wonderland for young and old …

Find solar jewelry is now a marvel of miniaturization and a great chance for jewelry designers and lovers of adventurous challenges…

If you are attracted to enter the new market for the jewelry of the future … do not forget this idea jewelry own energy.

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