Hanging with texts, ideas for blacksmiths

Blacksmiths, and craftsmen working the iron they can begin to design, develop, create and sell jewelry made from hard metals; those usually are not used for jewelry…

Today is a jewel to bring new and creative approach to carry gold and silver jewelry, antique jewelry and though remains the queen of metal working, given its high quality and the need to use lots of techniques, is very modern (and well seen) to be original in design and materials.

Thus we see the proliferation of jewelry in a variety of unconventional materials such as:

  • Fabrics
  • Tissues
  • Aluminum wires
  • Wire colors
  • New metals and alloys
  • Plastic
  • Cables
  • Insects
  • Plants
  • Snails
  • River rocks
  • Iron

The Iron Age has been a long time ago, however this ferrous metal retains the rustic charm that if you combine it with poetic language, is almost as romantic as Gothic, and is great for an original costume…

These jewelry designs are easily combined with iron with zippers and snaps, Zamak terminals and accounts, which give the iron metallic sheen that is lacking.

So, if you have the craft of blacksmithing or attracts you the item, nor hesitate and look at these pendants and necklaces of pure text and wrought iron style show in the soul of a poet …

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