If you have the ability to picture, or you like the picture and you are looking for an original and entertaining job prospects at home to increase your income and your time driving your way, this article is for you…

Create hanging loving mothers is a safe outlet for jewelry, as well as partnerships, since they are used for jewelry tradition.

Usually we see small puppets soaked sheet of gold or silver, a boy or a girl, or if it is a prolific mother, hanging singly or together in a chain.

The creative variations of these “‘little children’” in hanging version, can give you a very nice profit if your version is successful.

In the picture above we can see small cameos made with:

  • Bases for metal cameos
  • Crimp metal pans
  • Portraits hand painted children
  • Portraits of children hand-drawn
  • Varnish
  • Photographs of children

The proposal is very interesting: to achieve style pendants antique cameos to portraits of small, handmade with the technique that best mastered or strung on a small photo or casserole base and protected with varnish or acrylic.

Such ideas can be achieved re designing a piece of traditional jewelry, updating or imposing a more carefree or, as in this case, more personal and artistic.

If you want to increase your sales and you are a photographer, illustrator, portrait or jewelers, try cameos for mothers, loving style of winning with creativity…