Tips for macramé

Perform work in macramé is relaxing and fun activity with which they manage to create beautiful jewelry projects both as accessories (wallets, belts, etc.). However, it is important to consider some tips to help you improve your technique of twisted macramé. Today we bring you some tricks for working with macramé.

Tips for working with macramé:

  • If you are a beginner it is best to begin practicing with hemp thread, if you make a mistake is not damaged and is easier to undo the knot.
  • You must work on an area comfortable but firm, you can use a hard pillow or a folder with hook to attach your work.
  • Place a dot of clear nail polish on the ends of your thread to prevent fraying.
  • If you work with very long wires, it is preferable to keep the section that you’re not working together with some cellophane to prevent it from rolling.
  • Keep any leftover yarn knots will serve to practice new material without losing.
  • An easy way to determine how much wire you need for a project, is to multiply the size of the finished piece for 8, for example, if you make a bracelet that measures 15cm, depending on the type of knot you will need about 120cm of wire. Taking into account this length to make the knots, if designed with central thread, it need not be so long.
  • If you want an elegant accessory is using mouse tail or satin ribbon.
  • If you use beads, before starting to make knots, make sure the thread can pass through the beads.