Not for use but sophisticated gift or very romantic pieces you can create ephemeral jewelry chocolate, combining your skill as a craftsman in jewelry and skills with chocolate (which is not easy to handle, but everything can be learned).

As original idea for a gift it is, and much, even make jewelry boxes of chocolate for real jewelry, engagement rings, gifts, etc…

Chocolate is a malleable and can be worked in the following ways:

  • Kneaded
  • Worked in molds (molds for chocolates can make beautiful beads and beads of chocolate)
  • Set with soft wire, thin, bent
  • Crossed hot wire
  • While it is soft perforated to form accounts

Ideas with jewelry and chocolate:

An interesting idea is to produce fine wooden boxes, handmade candy and offer your jewelry or fine jewelry along with chocolates that combine style, pattern, color, etc.. with the pieces forming a set of original jewelry box with chocolates, a gift set, attractive and sensual …
Another creative idea is to make the boxes for engagement rings or alliances of chocolate, and offer your customers a possibility sweet and original packaging.
There is also edible gold with which you can decorate your jewelry pieces in chocolate, try to be creative and expand your business horizons able to sell your pieces not only boutiques and craft shops, but also to fine chocolate and confectionery, offering original pieces jewelry made with chocolate