How to clean pearls?

It is important to know the care of pearls found in jewelry so that these maintain their texture and color for long.

When used in jewelry with pearls, you must avoid perfumes and other products based on alcohol and oils come in contact with them. Pearls from the sea and therefore do not like to be dehydrated!

The application of hair products and lotions can be transformed with time to a fine pearl has a simple opaque and dry. Hair sprays and lotions to apply in person before start to cleaning jewelry. Otherwise these chemicals will leave a dull film on the surface of the beads.

Also, avoid using lotions and perfumes hand in places where the beads may be in contact with them. It is recommended, apply perfume to clothing to prevent these can damage the pearls if used on the skin and contact with the beads present mainly in rings and necklaces.

If you know care for these pearls will last for many years.

The jewelry that has pearls (rings, necklaces, etc.). Must be store in soft cloth bags. Avoid placing them along with other jewelry without protection as this may damage them. Remember, pearls are softer than metal and can scratch and that the abused.

To clean jewelry with pearls, you must rinse first with water, preferably purified to avoid contact of salt and chlorine with pearls. Then place a small amount of soap in the palm of your hands and apply gently to the beads with your fingers.

If the jewelry is very dirty, you can use a very soft brush and gentle movements are clean jewelry easily.

Finally, rinse well with cold water pearls and dried using a towel texture.

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