New ideas with feathers

Along with great diversity of materials you can use the feathers in a modern and original jewelry.

We have already discussed how and so she can work the feathers, but the creativity is endless and we continue to find original ideas to bring your workshop…

An interesting way to apply to your designs feathers strung wire is bent, so if

you are interested in this technical work will not hesitate to include feathers, as glamorous and crazy in your jewelry.

Another way is to work with feathers on cloth or fabric crochet, crochet or macramé, making designs soft, soft and very feminine.

Feathers can be attached to leather laces and beads combined with different metal, such as Zamak.

You can also venture to create bridal bouquets and headdresses with feathers, beads, wire and other jewelry in your shop.

Combining different materials feathered costume jewelry can provide great design, original, personalized and unique to garnish and decorate the windows of the best shops in your area…

Enjoy playing and inventing combinations of different materials in your jewelry shop, can give you, plus nice moments of creative work, good profit and original ideas to develop the full extent…

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