After assembling your space timing of metals in your jewelry or jewelry shop, with all the tools ready, proceed to make your first piece of metal with a very…

Procedure of the draft:

1. To begin to seep outside can make lace, or a medallion shape for example, from a piece of square silver plate, making a round, oval, or as dictated by your imagination.

2. Then draw a design on paper made with this format and internal spaces removed (Jigsaw), and paste it on the plate with white glue

3. Drilling with the drilling of the bank where the spaces are going to take. In the video you will see internal drafts of a piece of metal. You reach the place of the plate through holes or perforations that thou hast conveniently drawing the design on the metal hit her.

4. Open the screw top of your saw to pass within the borehole Sierrita and reset but despite the Sierrita.

5. For the Sierrita run smoothly you can pass by soap or wax, which gives better friction.

6. The jig Sierrita must always be perpendicular to the plate to coves, without straining forward, letting it feed through the power of the court but without forcing, as this causes an immediate break in the mountains.

7. Watch your fingers and a broken Sierrita can hurt a lot, a good rule is dress the index and ring fingers of his left hand (if you’re right will be holding a jigsaw piece) with duct tape or plastic hard type, either set, which protects you if the Sierrita enough breaks and improves your grip.

The designs are achieved over time and will enrich your skill and management jigsaw also combine your drafts with natural stones, glass and metal parts , trying different metals … and draw new models!