In the world of jewelry there are a myriad of materials that can work, and better still if these efforts are joined by recycling, and if you on some scraps of wool can turn them into balls that will serve as beads for multiple projects. Today we’ll show you how to make wool beads.

This is a very easy way to reuse the scraps of wool

left you and that, if you combine them in one piece with other types of beads, jewelry item will have a unique and very original. If you plan to combine, beads, ceramic or glass are very good choices.

You will need:

- Lana.

- A container: here have warm water with a squirt of dishwasher.

- A towel to cover the surface on which you work.


1) Take a piece of wool and open with your fingers.

2) Roll it up as a ball, try to tighten wrinkles do not form the final shape.

3) Make sure that you have left a large ball, then the next step can shrink a little.

4) Enter the ball in the warm water and start rolling it between the palms of your hands, as when you make a ball of dough.

5) Press little by little until the ball is the size you want, then wet it with cold water and let dry.

When dry, wool and your beads will be ready for use on any project you want.