Tiffany and Co. For Valentine’s Day

Undoubtedly Tiffany & Co. is one of the jewelry firms in the world more worthy of consideration. You may not like it very much his style, but what is a fact that his style is trendy and is clearly their own. In my case, usually a lot to like almost everything. Today’s case is just the one that nearly justifies.

For Valentine propose a series of locks as pendants. They come in various styles and materials, to cover all tastes and

combinations. In gold, we have it in two classic colors: pink and yellow, but also made them in silver.

Of course those with a taste for something more flamboyant model is a lock on platinum diamond pavé. To make matters worse, heart-shaped. Obviously it’s a personal taste, but I do not like one bit.

Also there is no doubt that receiving a gift of this firm, any impacts.

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