It is clear that when we have to seal our love with a formal commitment to engagement rings are necessary for the couple, in this case is the woman poker is somewhat more beneficial to have the engagement ring and marriage.

For the first option, we get close several models of engagement rings in this case of the famous Tiffany’s known for its diamonds across the globe … We have focused on rings solitaire, diamond round and the body of the ring platinum, a combination that exudes elegant simplicity.

The Tiffany Setting is the most traditional engagement rings that can be found, we are talking about an anniversary ring is a bestseller in Tiffany is the most beloved of all rings, we can choose from a wide range of carat for diamond from the 0.25 to 2.5 which are shown in the picture.

Etoile is the second proposal that we want to bring, it is an engagement ring with more character than the first, since the frame is much thicker and the diamond looks set embedded in that frame, as the former have to a variety of diamonds from 0.25 to 2.5 carats in weight.

Tiffany Circlet is a masterpiece perhaps a little overloaded but not surprising as an engagement ring can become a work of art, Notice that the diamonds are arranged so that the solo seems to be embraced by diamonds that run along the ring platinum.

Obviously there is more engagement rings at Tiffany and you can see a small selection of them on our website Jewelry Blog on Facebook, I remember that we’ve done is selection round diamond solitaire, platinum ring.