Porsche Design P-6530, Edition Of A Classic Chronograph

Porsche The object of the clocks is a real issue these days and I think we are using least watch it on mobile we always have the time (at least in the personal is what I get), the clocks are taking more of a Jewel space rather than a simple practical object.

Many luxury brands and models that are in the high-end market. Theme clocks also have earned

their place, the case of the new Porsche Design P-6530 made entirely of titanium. A clock is said resurrects the classic chronograph thirty years ago the first chronograph in titanium.

The publication of this piece is limited only nine hundred and eleven units were manufactured. Some of the qualities of this new model is that it has a diameter slightly larger than the last, the box is very elegant and scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and double-sided is not reflective.

The bracelet also for titanium, with high resistance to corrosion, is also well tolerated by our skin. The cost is about three thousand dollars, but for those watch lovers, surely there is no impediment to purchase.

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